Ambassador Ma Held Phone Talk with Sudanese PM
2020-05-05 18:10

On April 23, 2020, Ma Xinmin, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, held a phone conversation with Hamdok, Prime Minister of Sudan’s transitional government, at his request.

Hailing his phone conversation with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang a success that had elicited a positive response from all sectors in Sudan and won positive acclaim among the ordinary folks, Hamdok said that Sudan would like to use this phone conversation as an opportunity to further expand high-level exchanges and mutual political trust between the two sides and advance bilateral relations and economic and trade cooperation to new levels, noting that Sudan appreciates China’s positive role in global joint pandemic response and stands firmly against stigmatization against particular countries. Sudan is grateful to China for its consistent and selfless help, and is ready to learn from China’s successful experience in epidemic prevention and control and strengthen exchange and cooperation in pandemic response with the Chinese side, he said, adding that Sudan hopes to defeat the coronavirus at an early date with stronger support and assistance from China.

Ma congratulated Hamdok on his excellent phone call with Premier Li Keqiang, and said that China highly commends his positive remarks on China’s important role in the global joint pandemic response and his strong disagreement with stigmatization against any particular countries. He stressed that at the critical moment of the global fight against COVID-19, the successful phone conversation between him and Premier Li Keqiang sends a strong message about the solidarity between China and Sudan in combating the coronavirus and speaks volume about brotherly friendship between the two nations. He reassured Hamdok that guided by the consensus reached in the phone call between the two prime ministers, China stands ready to further enhance mutual support and cooperation with Sudan in the anti-epidemic battle and promote all-round and deep development of China-Sudan relations and practical cooperation. And China is ready to continue to provide assistance where we can and work together with Sudan to win the final victory over the pandemic at the earliest time possible.

Additionally, they exchanged their opinions on China-Sudan relationship and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

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