Ambassador Ma Talked with Sudan's FM Undersecretary over Phone
2020-05-18 17:17

On May 13, 2020, Ma Xinmin, the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, and Sideeg, the Undersecretary of Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had a phone call and exchanged their views on bilateral cooperation in epidemic response.

Noting that the coronavirus disease’s quick spreading in the country poses a severe challenge to Sudan’s battle against the virus, Ma said that China and Sudan are brothers and strategic partners that share weal and woe, and despite of pressure from their own fight against the COVID-19, the Chinese government, enterprises and non-government organizations have provided anti-epidemic materials through different channels in a timely fashion to the Sudanese side and shared instructive experience in epidemic response and the diagnosis and treatment solutions, adding that China stands ready to further scale up its support and cooperation in epidemic response with Sudan and will continue to provide assistance to the best of our capabilities and help it beat the virus at an early date.

Ma stressed that combating the virus is now a common challenge to all and only through cooperation could the virus be defeated. China hopes to unite and cooperate with Sudan and other African countries in tiding over the difficult times, opposes politicizing, stigmatizing or labelling practices under the pretext of the pandemic and firmly supports the WHO in playing its core role in the global pandemic response.

Sideeg said that Sudan congratulates China on leading the world in bringing the epidemic under control and highly appreciates the extraordinary wisdom and strength China has manifested in handling the disease, noting that China has set a good example for the global pandemic response. Sudan is grateful for the selfless assistance China has provided since the COVID-19 outbreak, and at this trying moment while Sudan is haunted by the fast-spreading virus, it is ready to keep learning from China’s valuable experience in preventing and controlling the disease and further strengthen exchange and cooperation in the anti-virus battle between the two sides and hopes China will provide further support and assistance, he added, reiterating that Sudan supports the WHO in leading the global epidemic response and opposes stigmatizing or politicizing the virus.

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