Respond to and Tide over the Crisis Together-- Remarks Made by Ambassador Ma Xinmin at the Handover Ceremony for the Donation of Epidemic Prevention Supplies to Sudan
2020-03-31 15:58

(in the Prime Minister Office of Sudan on March 31, 2020)

Your Excellency Cabinet Affairs Minister Omer Manis,
Your Excellency Undersecretary of Federal Ministry of Health Sal,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon! I am delighted to join you at the handover ceremony for the donation of epidemic prevention supplies to Sudan by the Chinese Embassy in Sudan, and to see a group of old friends.

At such an important historical moment today, faced with the common challenge of the rampant epidemic, China and Sudan combat again side by side, witnessing the growing friendship of the two countries through mutual assistance and the closer brotherhood of the two peoples through mutual support.

China and Sudan are sincere friends and close partners that share weal and woe. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, President of the Sudan's Sovereignty Council Burhan, Prime Minister of the transitional government Hamdok, Foreign Minister Asma and other leaders have offered condolences and support to China and highly appraised the measures and efforts of the Chinese government to battle the coronavirus. Former political figures, friends from the press and education circles, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, celebrities and young leaders in Sudan also sent their best wishes to China by means of face-to-face-meetings, letters and video footage, which speaks volumes about their true and profound friendship toward China and the Chinese people. We will never forget and feel grateful for the valuable support offered by the people from all quarters in Sudan during the difficult times of China's fight against the COVID-19.

The epidemic situation in China has been effectively placed under control, with production and life more rapidly returning to normal and the dawn of victory drawing near. However, the worldwide outbreak of the epidemic has escalated into a major challenge faced by the international community. Virus knows no borders and requires joint response of all countries in the world. Upholding the vision of a community of a shared future for mankind, China has been actively cooperating with the international community in epidemic prevention and control while maintaining effective epidemic prevention and control work at home. It has been strengthening coordination of policies and control measures, sharing epidemic information and good practices in diagnosis and treatment, and has offered aid supplies to international organizations and the affected countries, demonstrating its responsibility and presence as a major power.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. The Chinese government and Chinese people can certainly relate to the COVID-19 cases confirmed in Sudan, and will firmly stand side by side with the Sudanese people and be willing to do as much as we can to help with Sudan's fight.

Over the past two months, all walks of life in China have taken action and extended a hand of friendship to the Sudanese side. Our Chinese Embassy in Sudan has always maintained close communication and coordination with the Sudanese Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and so on, has timely furnished Sudan with seven editions of the guidelines for COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, six editions of the guidelines for COVID-19 prevention and control and other materials for its reference, and shared its experience in combating the disease. Our Chinese medical assistance team to Sudan has held three training sessions for Sudanese medical personnel to share our epidemic response and medical know-how. Our National Health Commission has held an expert video conference with North African countries including Sudan, sharing its good practices and experience in epidemic prevention and control as well as diagnosis and treatment of patients. At the request of Sudan's Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority, our Chinese company in Sudan has been working hard to ensure the normal network operation and the smooth flow of information for the public in Sudan. Our Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma has donated the medical supplies to Sudan. Our Chinese government has lately donated through the African Union testing reagents of the novel coronavirus, which will be used for testing in Sudan and other African countries. We hope the 400,000 masks donated by the Chinese Embassy in Sudan today will satisfy Sudan's pressing needs and contribute to its early victory over the novel coronavirus disease. Next, the Chinese government has planned to offer more medical supplies to Sudan. I am confident the strong and valiant people of Sudan will certainly rise above the challenge.

True friendship is revealed through adversity, and success becomes nothing when it is not shared. China is ready to work together with Sudan to promote the health and life of the two peoples and create a brighter future for bilateral relationship. We are bound to defeat the epidemic with our land and people unharmed, and will definitely see an even more promising world!

Thank you very much!

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