Ambassador Ma Met with Sudan's Federal Minister of Health
2020-04-07 15:48

On March 26, 2020, Ma Xinmin, the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, met with Akram Ali Eltom, Sudan’s Federal Minister of Health, to update him on the latest news about China’s fight against COVID-19 and good practices and exchange with him views on medical and health cooperation between the two countries. Zhang Xianghua, the political counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Sudan and Al-Fatih Osman, the Director General of the Ministry of Health of Khartoum State, also participated in the meeting.

Ma first gave him an update on the latest progress in China’s anti-epidemic battle, stating that the current situation at home has been under effective control, with production and life rapidly getting back on the right track and the potential dawn of victory drawing near. He pointed out that given that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is engulfing many parts of the world, becoming a major challenge faced by the international community, China will, in the spirit of a community of a shared future for mankind, give a helping hand to other countries while maintaining effective epidemic prevention and control at home. He noted that the support expressed by Chairman of the Sudan’s Sovereignty Council Burhan, Prime Minister of the transitional government Hamdok, other Sudanese government agencies including Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and people from all quarters in Sudan, at the most crucial stage of China’s war against the disease, speaks volumes about the profound friendship of Sudan toward the Chinese people which China will bear deeply in mind. We relate to the epidemic situation in Sudan and extend our heartfelt sympathy and firm support to the Sudanese government and people. China stands ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in epidemic control and public health with Sudan through further enhanced information and experience sharing, and continue its assistance to Sudan to the best of its capacities. He reiterated that we will certainly overcome the challenge through joint efforts of all countries.

Akram thanked Ma for his briefing on the latest developments in China’s epidemic situation, congratulated China on effectively placing the COVID-19 outbreak under control and highly appreciated China’s timely sharing of good practices to combat the COVID-19 with Sudan and other countries and its assistance with medical supplies. Giving a brief update on the current situation in Sudan, Akram noted that Sudan will learn from China’s successful experience and step up cooperation with China in epidemic prevention and public health, and hope China will continue its assistance to Sudan as before.

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