Ambassador Ma Met with Sudan's FM Undersecretary
2020-04-16 19:09

On April 14, 2020, Ma Xinmin, the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan met with Sideeg, the Undersecretary of Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to exchange their opinions on issues concerning pandemic prevention cooperation.

Ma gave Sideeg an update on the latest developments in China’s battle against the virus and said that China is still under huge pressure to prevent the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic, although China has made significant progress in the first phase of the domestic fight against COVID-19. He added that the drastic epidemic prevention and control measures taken by the Chinese government are intended to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control network, close all possible loopholes that may give rise to a new epidemic and ensure the health and safety of all Chinese and foreign people, and the Chinese government will continue with its assistance as much as possible to Africans in China.

Ma emphasized that given the pandemic is still spreading across African countries including Sudan, China, as the good brother and strategic partner of Sudan that shares weal and woe, has been offering through different approaches a considerable amount of badly-needed medical supplies in time to Sudan, despite of its own anti-virus stress, adding that China will continue to stand firmly with Sudan, and provide Sudan with assistance in defeating the virus within its capacity by shipping more medical supplies to Sudan, sharing more experience in containing the coronavirus and assisting Sudan in purchasing anti-pandemic supplies in China. Ma hoped that the Sudanese side will take necessary measures to safeguard the safety and lawful rights and interests of Chinese nationals and establishments in Sudan.

Sideeg thanked Ma for his timely update, saying that long-lasting friendship between Sudan and China enjoys wide support and is unbreakable and Sudan is deeply grateful to China for its disinterested assistance since the COVID-19 outbreak in Sudan. He noted that at this moment when Sudan is suffering a rise in infection cases while China has won a big victory in its battle against the new coronavirus, Sudan expects to learn from China’s valuable experience in beating the virus, further strengthen cooperation between the two sides in pandemic response and win its fight against the epidemic at an early date, with the great help from the Chinese government and people.

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