Ambassador Ma Xinmin Publishes Article Titled People's Supremacy Valued throughout China's Anti-virus Battle on Al-Intibah
2020-04-07 17:49

On April 7th, Chinese Ambassador to Sudan Ma Xinmin publishes an signature article titled People's Supremacy Valued throughout China's Anti-virus Battle for the China Focus Column on Al-Intibah. The full text is as follows:

Through rigorous prevention and control measures and painstaking efforts over the past two months, 1.4 billion Chinese people are within the sight of a triumph over the nation's war on epidemic. The epidemic situation in China has been brought under effective control and is now getting better, with endogenous infection cases declining to virtually zero and people's life returning to normal in a well-organized manner. Putting people in the first place is an unwavering principle upheld in this uphill battle.

The Chinese government closely relies on the people. As an old Chinese saying goes, "pooling collective strengths is all-conquering". In China's anti-virus battle underpinned by society-wide efforts, the most powerful force comes from the masses. Everyone pitches in with the fight in different roles. Numerous medical workers risk their life to save lives and treat patients. Millions upon millions of party members take on heavy responsibilities on the front line. The people's army rushes to the epicenter to join in the anti-epidemic battle once they get ordered. Dedicated community volunteers work around the clock to serve the masses. And residents actively respond to the call of the country by isolating themselves at home. Overseas Chinese across the globe are offering donations of money and materials, showing their attachment and devotion to the motherland. All Chinese sons and daughters, united in one mission, build an indestructible line of defense against the virus.

The Chinese government gives top priority to people's safety and health. Saving lives is of paramount importance. Deeply concerned about the people, Chinese President Xi Jinping convened the highest-level meeting of the governing body, which is the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, on the very first day of the Spring Festival holiday, to draw up a comprehensive plan on epidemic responses. Thereafter, he held six meetings at this level to map out priorities and response measures at different stages according to the developments in the situation. He inspected and guided epidemic prevention and control efforts at the grassroots level in communities, hospitals, centers of disease control and scientific research institutes. During his personal visit in Wuhan, President Xi extended his regards to front line health workers and community workers engaged in the battle. Regarding epidemic prevention and control as the most pressing task and pledging to contain the spread of coronavirus and cure patients at all cost, the Chinese government has put in place the most stringent response measures with resolve and self-sacrifice by placing Wuhan on lockdown, suspending work, production and transportation and banning all public gatherings and events. Through deploying nationwide medical resources, China arranged for more than 40,000 medical personnel from all over the country to rush to the rescue of Wuhan, poured an enormous amount of money into building 16 makeshift hospitals, and instructed 19 provinces each to help one city in Wuhan Province. Under the principle of centralizing and treating all suspected and confirmed patients in time, the government has done everything possible to increase the cure rate and keep the fatality rate at a low level. So far, over 70,000 patients, accounting for 90% of the confirmed cases, have been cured and discharged from hospital. It is the rarely-seen resolute and unprecedented actions taken by the Chinese government that safeguard the Chinese people's safety and health.

The Chinese government shows genuine concern for people's daily living needs. In addition to the frontline battlefield against the virus, offering logistics support to meet the people's living needs is another battlefront. President Xi reiterated that "satisfying people's living needs will favor reassuring the general public and maintaining social stability", and underscored the need to understand and tolerate the abreaction of the people under quarantine and take a full account of their basic needs. For this purpose, the Chinese government has allocated 120 billion yuan to finance epidemic control and satisfy the essential needs of those people in straitened circumstances. Daily necessities, ranging from rice, flour and cooking oil to meat, poultry, eggs and milk, are supplied sufficiently, with their supplies, demand and prices closely monitored to stabilize the market. Community volunteers make centralized purchase of food and vegetables and deliver them to every household. Family members of patients died of the coronavirus disease, elderly persons living alone, disabled persons and other special groups are taken care of properly. Medical workers fighting the virus on the front line are given support in all aspects to meet their living and working needs and ensure their mental and physical health. Overseas Chinese also receive medical advice through remote diagnosis and treatment services offered by medical experts at home. All of these heartwarming and reassuring efforts are the embodiment of the Chinese government's solicitude for all Chinese sons and daughters at home and abroad.

The Chinese government takes concrete actions to guarantee the people's business and employment. Through an in-depth analysis of the epidemic situation and its impacts on economic and social development, the Chinese government has devised a science-based plan to require resumption of work and production in a region-specific and category-based manner, specifically, restoring the order of production and life comprehensively in low-risk regions and in an orderly manner in medium-risk regions and still remaining concentrated on epidemic control in high-risk regions. Targeted measures are taken to aid enterprises in stabilizing employment and offer more job opportunities, including launching special taxation, fiscal, investment and industry-specific policies to ease the burdens on enterprises and making all-out efforts to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and market expectations. China will promote coordinated progress in spring ploughing, employment of migrant workers for higher income, poverty alleviation and other priorities. By employing all these approaches, the Chinese government is doing its utmost to minimize the negative impact caused by the COVID-19 epidemic on production and business operations and thus achieve stable economic performance and social harmony and stability.

A country, however large, is always underpinned by its people. Putting people in the first place is not just a slogan shouted in the anti-epidemic fight, but has been crystallized by the Chinese government into tangible actions. Going forward, China will continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control for a decisive victory in the end, and, in the long run, rectify deficiencies and weak spots in the governance system to institutionally build a solid line of defense against risks to the people's safety and health. We will certainly beat the virus and see vitality restored on the vast and beautiful land!

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