An Invitation Letter from China’s Tiangong Space Station
2022-07-09 02:34

China successfully launched the Shenzhou 14 Manned Spacecraft on June 5, 2022, and the three crewmembers, Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe, started their six-months space life in the Tiangong Space Station. 

Dear Sudanese teen friends, are you curious about the space tour of Chinese Taikonauts and do you have questions for them? The Tiangong Space Station, starting from today, launches the ‘Talk with Taikonauts’ event which enables Sudanese teen friends to ask questions they are interested in. The Chinese Embassy in Khartoum  will forward those questions to Chinese Taikonauts, who will take part in the event online one month later and answer your questions. 

Looking forward to your participation! 

How to join us:

Please send your questions and contact information via email titled ‘Talk with Taikonauts’ to the email address: before July 17, 2022. Recording videos or taking photos will be warmly welcomed, and the outstanding ones will be used in our promotional video.

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