Committed to Everlasting Friendship between China and Sudan -- Speech by Ambassador Ma Xinmin at the Farewell Reception held by Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dafallah
2022-12-12 07:11

(Khartoum, December 11, 2022)

Your Excellency Foreign Undersecretary Dafallah,

Your Excellencies,

Dear friends and colleagues,

Good evening. It is an honor and privilege for me to be invited to attend the farewell reception. Let me express my deep gratitude to Foreign Undersecretary Dafallahfor holding this reception for me to bid farewell. I also want to thank every friend here for coming to the reception tonight. I am delighted to see again many old friends before I complete my tour of office. At this moment, it is hard to say goodbye to you all.

Time flies like an arrow. My first arrival on this beautiful African continent on January 20, 2019 as Chinese Ambassador to Sudan is still vivid in my memory. During my three-year-and-eleven-month time here, I was proud to witness with you the historic moment of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Sudan. We also stood shoulder to shoulder amid changes unseen in Sudan in the past three decades, amid the once-in-a-century pandemic and amid Sudan’s political transition. President Xi Jinping noted that, “This is an age rife with challenges, but it is also an age full of hope.” My days working in Sudan make me better sympathize with this remark.

Over the past three years and more, China-Sudan relationship has stood the tests and achieved new progress and breakthroughs. We have worked together to consolidate strategic partnership and deepen political mutual trust, giving each other firmer support. Our practical cooperation has grown in various fields. Our peoples have built closer ties through more dynamic exchanges. I was deeply touched by the close affinity between the two peoples and was grateful that I had many new close friends here. This is a pleasant and unforgettable experience in my diplomatic life.

In the past years, I’ve been privileged to travel to many parts of this promising land full of magnificent scenery and tremendous potential. From the mysterious Meroe Pyramids to the splendid Dinder National Park, from the gorgeous scenery on the Red Sea coast to the mighty Blue and White Niles, from the beautiful landscape at Nuba Mountains to the unique atmosphere in Darfur, all this has given birth to the brilliant Nubia Civilization and its diverse and inclusive culture, and nurtured the industrious and intelligent people of the country.

At Port Sudan, vessels fully loaded with raw materials and merchandise arrive at and depart from the busy terminals in succession, providing a gateway for inland areas of East Africa to the Red Sea. In Gedaref, fields with plenty of water and lush grass are grazed by cattle herds and sheep flocks. Oil wells in Kordofan and mines in the Nile State are creating strong momentum for the country’s economic growth. Every friend I met in this country is eager for economic prosperity and national strength. The special advantages of Sudan, such as its identity as a member of Arab, African and Islamic world, its geographical superiority, vast land, and abundance of fresh water, oil and mineral resources, as well as human resources, mean enormous development potential and prospects. I am positive about Sudan’s promising future, as long as a right development path is followed.

In the past years, I’ve been privileged to witness the considerable growth in China-Sudan relations. The historic meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Burhan at  the First China-Arab States Summitsteered the course of bilateral relationship three days ago. Over the years, exchanges and mutual visits at different levels have bolstered our mutual trust. We have maintained close coordination in multilateral settings, and shown stronger mutual support on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns. Also, our mutually beneficial cooperation has constantly expanded with fruitful results.

Cooperation in oil, agriculture, trade, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and infrastructure has continued to grow, with a number of new projects implemented one after another. The successful launch of Sudan-China express shipping service, the entry of China’s Chery autos in the Sudanese market, and the delivery of export locomotives manufactured by CRRC Ziyang represent new breakthroughs in transport cooperation. The signing of two new economic and technical cooperation agreements, the successful implementation of the maternal and child health project, and the slaughter house and well-drilling projects ready for construction, are the latest progress of China’s assistance to Sudan. As Wanbao mining and other Chinese mining companies are working together in Sudan to build a mining industrial chain that integrates prospecting, exploitation, processing and testing, mining sector is expected to be a new growth driver for our bilateral cooperation. On the agricultural front, bilateral cooperation on growing cotton and other cash crops has accelerated. The global food security crisis will spur our food cooperation on a larger scale. I am confident that the firmer our bilateral relationship grows, the closer our partnership will be.

In the past years, I’ve been privileged to feel deep affection between the people of China and Sudan. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the two peoples have come to each other’s aid and navigated through the difficulties together. The Sudan Acrobatic Troupe, hailed as the flower of China-Sudan friendship, expressed solidarity and support. The medical expert team sent by the Chinese government helped Sudan with epidemic prevention and control. More than 20 batches of vaccines, medicines and medical devices donated by the Chinese side were shipped to the country in time. When Sudan was confronted with raging floods, China donated in cash and in kind to help with disaster relief.

On the educational front, the new friendship multimedia classrooms set up at three friendship schools light the beacon of dreams for students, while Chinese Ambassador’s Book Houses launched in four renowned universities will enable the youth to see the world from broader perspectives. The Confucius Institute at the University of Khartoum, where more than 30,000 Sudanese people learned Chinese language, has been a contributor to promoting exchanges and mutual learning between our two sides. In addition, 37 groups of Chinese medical practitioners that dedicate themselves to their work at three friendship hospitals, helped over eight million local patients get recovered. I believe that the proven friendship has been deeply embedded in the hearts of our two peoples and will be renewed from generation to generation.

Your Excellencies,

Dear friends and colleagues,

As an ancient Chinese poem reads, “Green hills immerse in the same cloud and rain. The same moon lights up towns however far away.” I will never forget my days as Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, as it has been a meaningful part of my life experience. Before I leave, I wish to express my greatest thanks to all friends who have cared about China’s development and supported China-Sudan friendship, as well as those who have always given me their support and help during my work.

My special thanks also go to Foreign Minister Sadiq, Foreign Undersecretary Dafallah, Director-General Osman, Director-General Mohammed, Director Mohammed, Director Majid and other colleagues of the Sudanese Foreign Ministry present here. Thank you all for your strong support and assistance to the Chinese Embassy in Sudan and myself over the years. Let’s follow the guidance of important consensus between our two leaders during their meeting, continue with our close communication, coordination and collaboration, and work together to lift China-Sudan strategic partnership to new heights.

I will treasure and keep in mind the good relationship with all friends made in Sudan. Just as these friends noted, “Once you drink from the Nile, you are destined to return.” I am looking forward to seeing you again and renewing our friendship.

To conclude, May China and Sudan enjoy prosperity and our two peoples live in peace.

May China and Sudan enjoy everlasting friendship.

May all friends present here always enjoy good health and good luck.

Thank you all.

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